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First time I went to pay a provider, two providers -one for 250.00 and the other for 500 something, they put a hold for a fraud alert. Apparently you cannot pay more than one provider in a day?

When I called to get this resolved to say it was I making the payment, they said they would release the funds and confirm by the end of the day this had been done. No phone call and the funds were not released. Called back the next day and was told the same thing, asked to escalate to a supervisor, who then said she could not do anything about it and would have to email, yes email not speak with another "department" at their company. This is crazy!

Its our money folks. When you call to confirm there is no fraud -someone else trying to pay a medical provider, they should listen to you especially after it takes 10 plus minutes to reach a representative who makes you go through all the same security questions you just went through on your telephone key pad. Read all the reviews online, this company completely stinks. Fortunately we are legally allowed to move our money to another company.

Hopefully we will not have the difficulty in doing so that so many others have already complained about. I am seriously suspicious that this company is scamming its customers out of their own money and purposely making it difficulty to use your money to pay your medical bills. When I stated to the rep I felt sorry for him, that he works for such a terrible company and that they probably do not pay him very well, he had the nerve to say he probably makes more money than I do. He was probably telling the truth.

Companies like this arent trying to be helpful, they are trying to make a profit -at your expense.

Dont support such companies. Get out now before you lose a lot more money like so many others have reported.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: will be moving funds to another company.

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Please accept our apology for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the ACH reimbursement option or our call center agent. Our service management team would like to learn more about your specific situation and research your concerns.

If you would send a private message with your contact information to us at info. mybenefitwallet at Conduent dot com, one of our senior service managers would be eager to get in touch with you. We look forward to connecting with you and working towards providing your resolution and restoring satisfaction. The experience you posted is not within our usual ACH reimbursement process and the customer service you reported is not on our expected exemplary level.

We also apologize if there was any miscommunication during your call. Our quality department will review the recorded call and will address any possible training opportunities found. For general information and to clarify the correct BenefitWallet processes: Please be assured BenefitWallet would not and cannot take or use any of the funds in your Health Savings Account. Also, know it is never our intent to provide incorrect information.

The "monetary loss" of $750 that you mentioned could only have come from theft and fraud of your debit card or checks. BenefitWallet takes fraud very seriously and you should call us and report it immediately if this has occurred in your HSA. If a debit transaction is cancelled, the funds would remain in your HSA and this is not a monetary loss. For the protection of our members' accounts, we have standard banking security measures in place.

Members may be required to verify some ACH debits from the account to ensure they were actually created by the account holder. A BenefitWallet representative makes a phone call to alert the member and to confirm these transactions. This may be the reason, if it was paused, for the security of your account. We make the call the day the transaction was initiated, if within usual business hours.

You are able to pay more than one provider in a day. After the confirmation, the payment is released.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.