They suspend your card and give you the run around like i've never seen in my life. The card had plenty of time left on it before its expiration date. For no reason they suspended the card. Good luck trying to get it back. They will put you in a rat's maze to get a...
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wow. i am in the exact same problem as you.. I called 3 times and was told i will get an email 3-5 days with instructions to update my contact info and I never got them

Using this program is like a full time job, scanning receipts, getting threatening email. Getting card suspended then released. The most recent card suspension is my favorite. I was asked to pay back a claim from 2017 for $34.69. I sent a check in April. They sent me a...
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An hour on the phone and not a single solution, just around and around, entering and re-entering the same information. I have yet to successfully even log into my account online. My original email address was incorrect, so I have no access to my initial password or...
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Calling them because they screwed up my automatic contributions, every single month. I have it set to pull money out of my checking account and deposit it into my HSA account every two weeks. They have repeatedly pulled the set amount of $250 out two times for every...
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BenefitWallet - Horrible customer service

All at the same time/day on 1 upload, I submitted a reimbursement every from the doctor, office, labs and prescription. Prescription reimbursement approved and not the other. I called and I was told it takes 5 business days. From the 4th to the 15th is not 5. When I attempted to explain the rep did not understand ..slow *** agents. I hung up .
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I was notified that my employer could not put money on my account due to the account being closed from a previous employer. Should be easy to fix right? This is back in January it is now June and it still is not fix. The first person I spoke to in January did not...
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I didn't like
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Two months ago they sent me a new benefit card with instructions to activate it on line. I did so immediately and shredded the old card as any reasonable person would do. Tried using the new card three times and was declined. After an hour and a half on the phone it...
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Agree. they are scam artists. Do not know what they do.

I opened an account in January with a $500 initial deposit. My check was cashed. Since then they insist I do not have an account. I have mailed the form to close my account 3 times. I have called countless times. I am always told I do not have an account despite having...
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Wait until you need to be remembursed. You think that’s a headache... was told 3-5 days, then 5-7 days, then 7 days. It is now going on day 9. It’s an utter joke. Contacted th...

Since retiring from thirity years of teaching one year ago, I have become the person in my family who takes care of all issues regarding anything in or outside of our home. Today, May 15, 2018, I called and spoke with a customer care person, Joe, at Mybenefitwallet...
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Contact BenefitWallet

Mailing Address:
500 Ross Street Suite 154-0510
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15262-0001
United States
(877) 472-4200
They were supposed to transfer funds to another HSA. All paperwork sent to them. They are horrible to deal with. No one knows anything. We have documentation that they received proper paperwork from the other institution and they did not even have a mechanism to figure...
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