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On the FSA side, I have previously sent in identical information for dental expenses and had no trouble. They paid and I never heard a word.

On my last 3 submissions, they informed me that my receipts were not receipts even though I submitted the identical receipts as I had in the past for similar office visits. I submitted the information 3 times and were denied each time. They keep telling me I need to submit receipts. The documentation clearly says "receipt" and I had an explanation of services attached.

I called them and talked to a supervisor who told me they saw that it was the same information and would take care of it.

That was back in the spring and nothing has happened.

No on the dependent care side, they mailed a reimbursement check to the provider, which was returned to me because the address was incorrect.

I already paid the provider and my daughter is in 6th grade this year, so no longer in aftercare. They should have been reimbursing me, not the provider.

This company is so awful that I won't use the FSA next year.

Product or Service Mentioned: Benefitwallet Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want my receipts approved and my Dependent care reimbursements directly deposited in my account instead of a check being sent to the provider..

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Please accept our apology for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the FSA or DCAP claims process. Our service management team would like to learn more about your specific situation and research your concerns.

If you would send a private message with your contact information to us at info.mybenefitwallet at conduent dot com, one of our senior service managers would be eager to get in touch with you. We look forward to connecting with you and working towards providing your resolution and restoring satisfaction. For general information, all FSA claims need approval, according to IRS requirements. Some claims need substantiation documents.

Some purchases will need to be substantiated with detailed receipts or an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Use of an FSA debit card does not remove or reduce the requirements for proof of eligibility under IRS regulations. Each time a claim needs to be substantiated, multiple letters are sent to the account holder that advise what is needed. Distributions from an FSA and claims' substantiation requirements are explained by the IRS at the IRS website.

You can also call the IRS or consult a tax professional for further clarification. Please note your employer contracted BenefitWallet to abide by these IRS regulations. BenefitWallet services these accounts to ensure there are not IRS penalties for ineligible claims. FSAs are set up by employers and funded through the employer, as it is part of an employer's health insurance benefits.

If the employee were to forfeit any remaining funds in the account, these funds would be returned to their employer, in accordance with IRS guidelines. In regards to sending payment to your care provider, this is dependent upon how you create and submit the claim. You would have to submit the claim for self-reimbursement instead of submitting it for payment to the provider. You can enter your account information online so that it will be made as a direct deposit.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.


I sent a message to the info email address. Hopefully I can get some help correcting these issues.


So I tried to get a senior service manager to call by sending an email. I only got a response back telling me to call customer service.

The same customer service I have already called who has not been helpful. This is ridiculous.