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I am the legal personal representative / executive of my deceased sister's estate which is currently in probate. She has a Benefit Wallet HSA.

I mailed via US Postal Service the official certified Death Certificate AND my Letter of Admin / Executor. I am able to log into her account as personal representative and also provide info via their auto caller that told me the HSA account had been closed as of 9/23/19 which means that they have in fact, received my paperwork and are aware this is the account of a deceased person. I have called three times so far and have gotten virtually NO info of any use. The first time I was told to send the death cert etc which I did an expect the PROMPT return of my original death certifcate from this company.

The 2nd time I spoke with someone from overseas who couldn't even find the account online even though I was looking at the account on my computer. They were absolutely NO help. Called again today and the lady who was also overseas with halting English kept telling me I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry and basically to every question I asked her she was 'sorry' she could not help me even though YOU have closed the account, have been made aware its now an estate account and that I as my sister's personal representative DEMAND the cash out on this account. I just closed an account earlier today with a brokerage firm for several THOUSAND dollars more than this small $500 ish account and it was quick, streamlined, easy and I'll have a check to deposit in my sister's estate account early next week.

Your company can't even provide staff who can find info and if they do find something they don't realize that I am ACTING as my sister .. that ANYTHING she could do on this account I can do and I am demanding the immediate release of these funds to go into her Estate account with our local bank. I finally told this girl that I wanted to speak to someone in a management position in the USA so she again said .. I'm sorry ..

and put me on hold for a very long time. Finally came back on the line and said someone named Heidi would help me .. and then hung up the call completely. No Heidi, no service, no money that you owe this estate.

I want this resolved at your earliest Benefit Wallet. You are charging my deceased sister's account $3.50 a month for a service fee, slowly depleting the money that is in there because she hasn't used this account. She is earning a whopping 2 cents a month on this account. Tell you what.

You can keep the 2 cents and refund this ridiculous service fee that you don't deserve for the *** service you provide and the uneducated staff you hire through call centers who have no info to help a member and only know how to say I'm sorry. Done with my rant now. Now, FIX IT!

I will be reporting this to the BBB if this isn't resolved soon. You have all the info you need from me on her estate and on my legal RIGHT to get the money out of this account and into her estate account for probate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Benefitwallet Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $518.

Preferred solution: Provide payout on my deceased sister's HSA account to the probate Estate immediately..

BenefitWallet Cons: Terrible customer service.

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-Please accept our apology for any inconvenience you may have experienced with BenefitWallet. We offer our condolences for your loss.

Our service management team would like to learn more about your specific situation and research your concerns. If you would send us a private message with your contact information and the account holder's name to info.mybenefitwallet at, one of our senior service managers would be eager to get in touch with you. We look forward to connecting with you and working towards providing your resolution and restoring satisfaction. Please be assured all of our agents speak English.

If you refuse to speak to a person in Manila or Jamaica then you can request a transfer to one of our many, other call centers in the United States. In regards to your statement: "I am ACTING as my sister", "ANYTHING she could do on this account I can do and I am demanding the immediate release of these funds" - Due to HIPAA laws and standard banking privacy regulations, the call center may not be able to provide you account details if you are not listed as a contact in the account. As for the monthly maintenance fee - You stated the online access shows the account is now closed. No fees will post to the account now that it is closed.

The newly closed status would also indicate that the bank is processing the death certificate you sent. They will send the certificate back to you and will advise if any additional information is needed.

If there are listed beneficiaries on the HSA, the balance will be disbursed as indicated on the beneficiary form. Thank you for your patience.